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Happy Trails Horseback Riding (Temporarily Closed) 

They have trails for all levels of riding from the beginner to the novice starting at age 7 or pony rides for younger children. The stables are within a 5 minute walking distance if you are up for it, or it's just a short drive away.  Reservations are not required but recommended on the weekends.   Check out their website at www.hthorsebackrides.com for pricing and hours.

Conkles Hollow Trail

This trail is also on Big Pine Road only 1 mile from the cabin. This trail is thought to be one of the deepest gorges in Ohio. It is paved and handicapped accessible for the first 1/2 mile of gorge trail. It has a nice flat terrain so easy walk for all ages back to the water fall. The tall cliffs reach 200 feet high and has so many trees it stays nice and cool mostly in the midst of summer.

Old Man's Cave

The most popular of all the Hocking area is Old Man's Cave, located on State Route 664. This attraction is only 4.3 miles from the cabin.

Cedar Falls

Cedar Falls it's self is the greatest waterfall in terms of volume in the Hocking region and it is only 6.5 miles from the cabin. Queer Creek tumbles over the face of the Blackhand sandstone displaying the awesome force of water power.

Rock house

Rock House is 6.6 miles from the cabin and it is unique in the Hocking Hills region, as it is the only true cave in the park. It is a tunnel-like corridor situated midway up a 150 foot cliff of Blackhand sandstone.

Ash Cave

Only 8.6 miles from the cabin and it's is beyond doubt the most spectacular feature of the entire park.  As Cave is the largest most impressive recess cave in the state.

Cantwell Cliffs

Cantwell Cliffs is located in the northern reaches of the Hocking Hills and is 9.1 miles from the cabin on SR374, Its remote location discourages visitation, but those who travel the extra distance will not be disappointed. Many visitors proclaim the Cantwell area as the most picturesque in Hocking County.

Find your adventure or peaceful retreat in the magnificent Hocking Hills region of Southeastern Ohio, a land of caves, waterfalls, forests & wildlife. Southern Comfort Cabin is your gateway to this magical land where you can create your own memories!

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